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Wake Up Running with the Erika Kate Foundation at the Quad City Marathon

Wake Up Running is proud to support the training efforts of Team EKF as they prepare to raise awareness and support for the Erika Kate Foundation at the Quad City Marathon on September 26, 2010.

Wake Up Running is with you every step of the way, right from the start.  Use our Training Time Table to discover when your training should start for each of the distances offered by this increasing popular race.

Contact us with all of your training, fuel, gear and injury questions and we'll keep in the race.

Find a race in your area.  Your first race can be an intimidating experience.  You assume that everyone at the event has done it before and that you will somehow "look" like you don't belong.  Get over it.  You will NOT be alone as a first time runner.  

There is only one way to get a race experience under your belt.  Find one.  Enter one.  Train for one.  Run one. Here are a couple of links to help you eliminate the excuse that you don't about any upcoming races.

Trust in the fact that many more races aren't listed on a website at all.  Every weekend, everywhere, there are races and runs of all shapes and sizes.  Let us know when you've completed your first.  We'll celebrate the milestones together!

First Race Celebrations!
Tell us about your accomplishments so we can celebrate YOUR milestone with you!
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