Wake Up Running
Ordinary advice to help ordinary people "run" better lives

Frequently Asked Questions
Wake Up Running Needs YOU!

We need recommendations.  We need testimonials.  We need success stories.  We need feedback.  We need YOU.  Let us know you are with us.  LET OTHERS KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT IN THIS ALONE!  
Please contact us to tell us you stopped by.  Share your "running status" and something you like, or don't like about our site and you'll be eligible for discounts (and maybe even FREE stuff) when we launch our Wake Up Running store later this year.  It's easy.  Email us here >>>> info@wake-up-running.com.  
You will NOT be added to mail lists or anything like that . . . we're a small shop looking to provide content that will keep you coming back, not looking to clutter your in-box (and your life).  Share your support now!

Email us your questions and we'll contact you with a response (usually within 24 hours) and you'll help us to build our FAQ pages.  No mail lists (we don't have any).  Just ordinary people offering to advice.  Send your questions here >>> info@wake-up-running.com.  

How much should I run?

Should I eat before, during or after a run?

How much should I drink on a run?

Are "power" bars and gels good?

My "blank" hurts, what should I do?

Send your questions here >>> info@wake-up-running.com.  We want to help you!  In turn you'll help us to pay "it" forward.

Coming Soon:
Soon, we'll be rolling out a small line of T-shirts, technical gear and backpacks to help you, help us spread the word and change the lives of ordinary people.

With that said, we're looking to change lives, not get rich.  Rest assured, every Wake-Up-Running purchase will not only be used to enhance our services to you, but to others less fortunate than us.  It's our pay it forward commitment.

We'll also be posting info on gear that we like and feedback on gear that you like, or don't like (provided you share your opinion with us).
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